Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Response to Ed Woods:

Response to Ed Woods:


Cover Story: Queen City Terror


"Testimony from FBI agent Edward Woods, revealed that authorities were
aided in their investigation by a Cincinatti man named Shawn Kenney. FBI
agents interviewed Kenney 12 days before they arrested Guthrie in
Cincinnati on Jan. 15th, Woods testified. Kenney was a friend of both
Langon and Guthrie, Woods added. He did not detail what information
Kenney provided." Oklahoma City Bombing trial transcript

       In Ed Woods' recent blog titled, "Peltier.....Critical Postings," he has accused Leonard Peltier and the LP-DOC of "slander," and
"libel," in regards to an article that we posted titled, "Ed Woods and FBI Misconduct." First of all, this is highly ironic in that it could be
interpreted that Ed Woods and his fabled website have been "libeling," and "slandering," Leonard Peltier consistently since its inception.
But let's address the accusation. I authored the article and the majority of the information was culled from the above articles that were
published by the Cincinnati "City Beat," and from trial transcripts related to the Oklahoma City bombing investigations. Most publications
of this sort have extensive legal departments that test information for "libel," and "slander," before releasing this information to the public.
Otherwise, they themselves are liable. It seems that if Mr. Ed Woods has an issue then it should be directed at the primary sources
themselves? We invite you to re-read the above articles and decide for yourselves on the validity of the information  regarding, "our friend,"
Ed Woods. I'll personally stick with the assessment that I presented in the article. It's my opinion that the information is valid and that
Woods is indeed, "just another crooked law enforcement agent that has violated his oath to protect the constitution of the U.S.A."
And it's Leonard Peltier's opinion, based on the provided information, thatWoods is also a "Traitor," guilty of treason against the U.S.
Why? Because he used a known member of the Neo-Nazi party as an FBI "snitch," and then got him illegally instated into the U.S
army, despite a history of Child Molestation and Domestic abuse. The U.S never, "made peace," with the Nazi party so therefore Woods
did not only exhibit poor judgement as an active FBI agent, but in our assessment he also has committed a treasonous act. Is this a man
that could be trusted to comment honestly on the case of Leonard Peltier? We'll leave it up to you to decide.