Saturday, March 1, 2014

Unsealed search warrants targeting activists reveal FBI 'obsession' with socialist organization

Back in September 2010, FBI agents conducted coordinated raids on homes and offices in Minneapolis, Chicago, Grand Rapids, Michigan and Durham, North Carolina, seizing electronics, personal papers, address books, and even clothing. The raids targeted anti-war, labor, and international solidarity activists doing work with Colombians and Palestinians. Using warrants indicating that they were seeking evidence of "material support for terrorism," armed agents seized computers, cell phones, t-shirts with slogans, photos, files and even any documents containing the word 'Palestine.' Eventually, US Attorney Patrick Fitzgerald would issue Grand Jury subpoenas to 23 people; one after another, all 23 refused to submit to what they deemed a political witch-hunt.

When the raids first happened, activists working with targeted organizations including the Anti-War Committee and the Freedom Road Socialist Organization assumed they were linked to the activities of an alleged secret government informant with a Boston accent. She called herself 'Karen Sullivan'.

Now, a lawsuit has revealed that the activists were right. According to formerly sealed documents newly public because of the suit, an informer was indeed sent to infiltrate their organizations.